Quality Used Tires in Charlotte’s Southend and Downtown

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Cool Oasis New and Used Tires (Cool Oasis Tire & Lube, Inc) is located in Charlotte’s Southend area, right off Mint Street. We sell quality tread used tires for your car, SUV, Mini-Van and Light Trucks with tire sizes ranging from 14-inch to 22-inches. We are the only used tire shop in the southend and downtown area of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are only 3/4 mile away from the Panthers Football Stadium.

All the tires we sell at Cool Oasis comes with a 30-day warranty, they are all hand tested for tread quality, age and sidewall damage plus they are guaranteed to pass North Carolina State Inspection.

Looking for Used Tires? Don’t settle get the best quality for your money!

We keep more than 2000 used tires in stock between our Wilmore drive location and our warehouse inventory. We only sell used tires of high quality, most of our tires have more than 70% of tread life and are often mistaken for new tires.

Approximately 75% of our customers are returning, because we believe in customer service and honesty. We know that many of our customers opt to buy a used tire because of the price difference to buying a new tire, and we feel its our obligation to make sure that the customer gets value for their hard earn money.

All Our Used Tires Cost $35, which includes mounting and installation!

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We are opened Mondays – Saturdays (By Appointment Only on Sundays)


Tire Safety Tips: Keep you and your Family Safe!

  • Tire Pressure: Keep your tires properly inflated, under inflation results in unnecessary tire stress, irregular tread wear and even loss of control over your vehicle.
  • Rotation: Regular rotation of your tires will help you achieve a more uniform wear, the guidelines for tire rotation is every 5,000 miles.
  • Alignment: A bad jolt from hitting a curb or pothole can cause your front-end to be out of alignment and damage your tires. You can check your tires for unusual smooth spots and uneven wear as signs of your vehicle needing an alignment.

uber drive tire specialUber, Lyft and Taxi Operator Tire Discounts

In our struggling economy, our aim is to help those that use tires faster than the average driver. If you are apart of any ride sharing programs such as Uber, Lyft, Hail Ride SharingTaxi Operator, Limousine or even if you travel long distances to work on a daily basis, then let us know because we have a special discount for you when purchasing a full set of new or used tires.